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.We bring a diverse set of skills that have spanned a range of seemingly diverse fields. Yet each of us works and complements each other; design, marketing, and entrepreneur. As different as each of these experiences may appear on the surface, there are common themes among them that use our core skills; creative thinking, marketing strategist and all of us who thrive on building things and watching them grow. We have been successful at each endeavor due to a desire to be innovative, and leaders to be the best at what each one of us dose. As a team and business leaders, we are known for getting things done. We are highly analytical as well as extremely creative. We are adept at solving problems and delivering innovative solutions. We draw upon learned knowledge from one field and apply it to what many may see as a completely different field of business. Yet with this knowledge transferring, we bring out-of-the box thinking and ideas. We are, “energetic”, “attentive to detail”, “an intuitive marketing,” where my ideas and strategy are intuitive. Our credo is based on Einstein’s quote” "Imagination is more important than knowledge

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What’s the Story Behind Fred?

While working on MODX3, we asked if we could fundamentally improve how MODX users work with websites—to make creating more efficient, powerful, and fun.

After more than 700 hours we are happy to privately announce Fred, the friendly editor. Fred is a free open source MODX Extra that works with version 2.6 and above. Fred’s user interface is based on the outstanding work of the MODX3.org project and surpasses the capabilities of any visual content builder on any platform.

Fred will completely change how you build a website with MODX, making it simpler, faster, and virtually error-proof for end users. Layouts that previously took dozens of TVs or lots of form fields, and many trips to the front-end to see if it looks right can be accomplished with ease. If you’re a devotee of Atomic Design, Fred has you covered, and then some.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Fred.


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What Makes Fred Awesome?

Build Visually

Front-end drag-and-drop content creation has never been more fun. Build visually rich pages like this one, quickly, without TVs. 


The building blocks of Fred—as simple as a one-liner or as comprehensive as you can imagine. The only limit is your creativity. 


Take an existing Fred page, and save it as a Blueprint to speed up creating your next landing page or feature article.

Works with any Markup

While this demo site is built with Bootstrap 4, Fred is happy to play catch with anything you want to throw his way.

Built on MODX

Create Elements which include Snippets and watch the page update in real-time as you adjust settings. You’ll smile, guaranteed. ;)

Fred Plugins

The Font Awesome 5 icon picker and TinyMCE RTE are the first two examples. More coming including premium plugins.

Mobile Preview

Built in mobile responsive previews to check how your site will look on phones and tablets even before you save.

ExtJS Free

Vanilla JS means there is no legacy baggage to bog down the creativity and speed with which improvments to Fred can occur.

So Much More

We’ve barely scratched the surface of Fred, and yet it already far surpasses what we hoped it would become.

Found a bug or have a feature request?

Fred says github is a good boy

Start Using Fred Today

You can see Fred in action by grabbing the Public Snapshot in your MODX Cloud account. Or, you can start from scratch by installing it for free with the MODX Package Manager.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Fred. #CreateWithFred

Get Started!

Let’s Start a New Revolution

Let’s start a new revolution in content management, powered by MODX and Fred, the friendly editor. What will you create? #CreateWithFred #modx


(Add the #CreateWithFred and #modx hashtags, please!)